So, this may have been the most amusing project that I’ve ever done. Before this, I had never attempted to make a radio spot.

I recorded this at the beginning of the life of the UMFS studio; I was still figuring out what equipment we still needed and trying to memorize the handbook that came with our Sony XD Cam. At any beginning, there are bumps and misunderstandings, incorrect assumptions and snafus. So when this project landed on my desk, it was with a 2 day turnaround. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem but this spot called for teenage voices and if you are familiar with any type of health organization involving children, there are layers upon layers of protections and permissions before you can use their likeness IN ANY WAY.

I combined some of the dialogue and was able to cut the cast to two kids and a narrator. I snagged one of the boys in the class I was teaching and signed my mother on for the narrator role. And for the role of “teenage girl”?– Me.

That is not my real voice. Not even close. I’ve been told that I have an unusually low voice, in fact, and when you listen to the voice in the recording, just imagine that I’m speaking from the very top of my throat. Feel free to shoot me a line if you want to hear more of my impressions.

All in all, the project was delivered on time and caused much delight throughout the office– I think I’m the best teenaged employee they’ve ever had.