So...I’m a video recording, graphic designing, editing, writing, styling, image consulting, makeup artist(ing?) professional. Yup. All of that. You read that right.

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Most recently, I was the Creative Production Manager at UMFS, a family services agency specializing in foster care and education services. The agency works with high-risk kids and families and helps them to achieve and maintain success– whatever that means for them. I was in charge of all of the video productions that the agency cranks out, from concept through post. I helped build the studio as well as a TV and Media production class for a select group of kids within the agency-run private school, Charterhouse.

On the other side, I am the founder of The Right Style, which is dedicated to helping women find and acknowledge their best and most beautiful self and really see themselves as other people see them. I am an independent consultant with direct sales beauty company, BeautiControl and I initially created The Right Style as an umbrella for that business. But after I began exploring the image consulting end of the business, I found that I had a bit more to say! I started ramping up my blog and expanding my services and now am running the business as a blogger, a stylist and a makeup artist, along with managing my BeautiControl business and growing team of consultants.

Here’s my official resume, hot off the presses and straight to your hands. Or screen. Or…whereever.