Everything that I do is about making connections. From my previous work at Royall & Company, a marketing firm dedicated to reaching and connecting with college-bound Millennials to my time at the French resort chain, Club Med, my primary aim is to connect person to person, client to audience with an eye for marketing opportunities.

This site is my playground. I add and subtract content. Do a little writing, do a little relinking. I specialized in web design back in my college days-- you know, before I got grey hair-- so I use this as a place to try out techniques and play with code. This site is lovingly hand coded and subject to change at any time.

Happening now...

I'm currently working at UMFS, a social services agency dedicated to serving the needs of children in Virginia, as their Technology Efficiency Specialist. I have been tasked with helping to take the agency and their message into the future, all through the power of their new video studio. Creating and strategizing visual content is the name of my daily game.

Or so goes the official story.

Now just for funsies…

You know when you invite your boo over for the first time and your mom makes an insanely huge deal about it and insists on showing them funny videos from your childhood?

Well, here's mine.