RVA Street Art Festival: April 2012



Richmond, Virginia has transformed into a mecca for public art. That transformation began in 2012 when Venture Richmond partnered with local and national street artists and boom!– the RVA Street Art Festival was born.


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The World Comes to Richmond: UCI Road World Championships

The notion that the world has come to Richmond, Virginia is no exaggeration: begging on this past Saturday, cyclists spanning the entire globe began to roll up and own the usually bustling city streets. Main thoroughfares have been closed, giving pedestrians and cyclists the opportunity to travel like they never have before.

I have photos from the very first day of the UCI Road World Championships and from the very last day. This really was one of the most exciting events in the history of RVA.

“Make My Day” Music Video

Common Make my Day Music Video from Jacob on Vimeo.

Sometimes you’ll find me in front of the camera instead of behind it. This music video for Common’s song “Make My Day” was a submission for a contest through the now-defunct cable network, Current. I was behind the styling for the video and co-created the concept with the editor, my friend, Jacob Ireland.

We shot the video over the course of two days in locations throughout Orlando and Central Florida. I then left town for the weekend and left him to his own devices.

Meet The Champions: UMFS and The Amazing Raise 2015

The Amazing Raise is upon us again and for the second time, UMFS is going for the top spot in the “Go VIRAL!” prize category. I produced this video for the organization; directing, shooting, and editing the video within a 5-day turnaround.

Bridges Out of Poverty: Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead in AJust Gettin’ By World is a Bridges Out of Poverty program designed to help people living in poverty to identify the causes and circumstances of poverty and help them to achieve self-sufficiency. The graduates of this program spoke to me with candor and passion and I was able to produce a powerful piece of work. The video has been used to market the program to both internl and external customers.

E-Book: Tales of A Cellphonographer

Cell phones, amiright?! Everybody’s got ’em, can’t keep their noses out of ’em. So now that our cells are now semi-permanent appendages it is only right that we make them work for us. I use my iPhone as my ultimate content creation tool- and videos are a big part of that. Remember my e-book, “Self-Produce That Video!“? I created this… Read more →

E-Book: Guide to Video Self-Production

Running a video production studio can be quite a bit of work, especially when everyone wants a piece of what you do. When I found myself running out of time to accomodate everyone’s requests, I knew that it was time that I started branching out and empowering others to use the studio and the equipment confidently. I taught two particularly… Read more →

Ain’t No Party Like An Amazing Raise Party

The Amazing Raise was more than just a video contest to UMFS, we had an Amazing Raise party, too!  The event gave donors, volunteers and employees a chance to mingle and support the organization that we all love.

Many thanks to the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown and Thirst and Fifth Gastropub for the amazing venue.