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Everything that I do is about making connections. From my previous work at Royall & Company, a marketing firm dedicated to reaching and connecting with college-bound Millennials to my time at the French resort chain, Club Med, my primary aim is to connect person to person, client to audience with an eye for marketing opportunities.

This site is my playground. I have been devoted to the web since I forced my parents to get AOL in 1996. I took to web development immediately, creating angsty websites filled with my pre-teen poetry. Now that I'm grown, I take to Wordpress and fill the web with angsty grown-up poetry.

RVA Street Art Festival: April 2012



Richmond, Virginia has transformed into a mecca for public art. That transformation began in 2012 when Venture Richmond partnered with local and national street artists and boom!– the RVA Street Art Festival was born.


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E-Book: Tales of A Cellphonographer

Cell phones, amiright?! Everybody’s got ’em, can’t keep their noses out of ’em. So now that our cells are now semi-permanent appendages it is only right that we make them work for us. I use my iPhone as my ultimate content creation tool- and videos are a big part of that. Remember my e-book, “Self-Produce That Video!“? I created this… Read more →

E-Book: Guide to Video Self-Production

Running a video production studio can be quite a bit of work, especially when everyone wants a piece of what you do. When I found myself running out of time to accomodate everyone’s requests, I knew that it was time that I started branching out and empowering others to use the studio and the equipment confidently. I taught two particularly… Read more →

Ain’t No Party Like An Amazing Raise Party

The Amazing Raise was more than just a video contest to UMFS, we had an Amazing Raise party, too!  The event gave donors, volunteers and employees a chance to mingle and support the organization that we all love.

Many thanks to the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown and Thirst and Fifth Gastropub for the amazing venue.


This video is part of a series of recruitment focused videos designed to capture the attention of prospective foster parents.

Sunny Days: UMFS and the Amazing Raise 2014

Every year during the month of September, Give Richmond, a resource that connects area non-profits to donors that want to learn, engage and participate in The Amazing Raise.

The Amazing Raise is a 36 hour online giving campaign and this year for the very first time, UMFS was part of it all. The organization raised a little over 3,000 dollars from donors across the country. Not bad for a first time out, right?

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